Never try. Never know.

Finding Motivation

Recently I had a real low in motivation, and it was pretty hard for me to put in the effort at work, which is something I do not experience often, so it was quite a bummer. Why? This is not something I would really want to discuss here, but to break it down: I had a few realizations about the company I work for and a few realizations about myself, which were tough for me to accept.

Brain Fog

Brain fog is, when you feel like there is kind of fog around your thinking. You are not focused, you feel like you are daydreaming all the time and whenever you try to concentrate, it takes a ton of energy. I experienced this for a while, and it was annoying me so much, I did a quick, but intense research on the topic. Here is what helped me: Eat a lot of fiber Not the first thought one might have, but definitely what helped me most.


Negotiation is a skill I only recently learned about. As some of you might know, I am a Product and Content manager at Greator. And for our Business Coach program, I recently shot with Jack Nasher, THE Negotiation expert in Germany. Since I did not think about negotiation a lot before, I want to share with you, what I have learned, and what really surprised me about the topic. The Just World Phenomenon / Theory Melvin Lerner (I love his name), a social psychologist, created the Just Word Phenomenon.

Neurophysiology of Learning

Have you ever wondered how learning works exactly? After reading this article, you will know exactly what is happening in your brain, whenever you learn something new. Storing memories Many experts believe that we store memories via a three-step process: first, we perceive information via our senses, then we store and process it in short-term memory, and finally, some memories, we store in long-term memory. Since we do not need to retain everything in our brain, the process acts as a filter that protects us from the flood of information we are confronted with every day.

The Midnight Library – Regretting Life Decisions

Is your life full of regrets? A friend recommended the book “The midnight library” by Matt Haig to me. She read it in her vacation and said, that it is one of those books, that is packaging personal development into a beautiful story. And I have to say I agree. It is a wonderful and easy read, with a lot of take-aways. If you are struggling with regret, it might be the perfect book for you.

Productivity hacks

Today I want to share some hacks on how I keep myself productive and efficient. These are some things, that really made my work life easier and made it possible to follow my personal projects. Plan ahead Every week I reflect on what went well and what I would have liked to be different. Also I usually would try to find the root cause, if I am not happy with something.