👋 Hi there!

My name ist Karen. I am passionate about solving problems, according to the motto “Everything is figureoutable.” I love how it is possible to solve problems at scale with the right mindset and skills. And how the skills in need fit my personality: I am curious, full of ideas, always eager to learn more, empathetic, communicative, analytical, and I am falling more and more in love with the technical possibilities that are out there.

As for now, my professional career was focused on improving physical and mental health. I really want to help people live healthier and happier. This is also why I love solving problems. With the digital tools that are out there now, it is possible to do that at scale.

I like to think of myself as a ‘child of the world’. I love traveling, connecting to people from all around the world, doing sports (especially mountaineering), spending time with myself and reading. I get excited easily, so I am always eager to keep learning and try new stuff.

Here are 6 true and 1 false fact about me. Can you find the dud?

  1. I ran a marathon.
  2. I love talking about sleep, often it is my go to small talk topic.
  3. I have been to >36 countries.
  4. At one point in my life I spoke 5 languages fluently.
  5. I am already officially in retirement (I am 27 now).
  6. I climbed a mountain, that’s 6088m high.
  7. I can do a split.

If you are interested in pruduct management, personal development, productivity (Who is following all those productivity influencers? 🙋‍♀️ 🙈 ), system thinking, sleep / health / fitness, philosophical questions, the big problems of the world (and how to solve them), or mountaineering, let’s have a chat!