Welcome to Tibah – your autopilot for meaningful reflections!

Tibah is a reflection platform that helps you to transform insights into action and thus guides you towards mindfulness and a life you want to live.

An extraordinary life doesn’t happen by chance; it’s designed with intention. Whether you’re taking a moment for daily reflection or diving deep into your annual review, Tibah is the personal toolkit for anyone determined to live a happy & healthy life.

The Problem Tibah.io is solving for

Let’s face it, amidst the chaos of our daily grind, we all crave a ‘healthy and happy life.’ But finding the path to personal fulfillment isn’t just a lucky accident; it requires the compass of self-awareness and personal development tools. We are not taught how to get to know ourselves better, how we identify which behaviors serve us & which ones do not, which kind of relationship we want to have with friends and our romantic partner(s), how we talk about difficult topics, how we deal with stress… There are so many things we were never taught in school, that are essential for living a healthy and happy life. And it is highly individual what a healthy and happy live looks like for each one of us.

That’s precisely why Tibah was born - from the understanding that to truly know oneself, we must reflect, discover, and act.

Right now, there are a lot of courses out there, teaching you about personal development, but there is no digital companion that actually helps you to put insights into action and gives you the right now how, exactly when you need it. The vision with Tibah is to create a digital companion that helps you to live your best life.

And that perfectly fits my personal vision: to empower people to live a healthy and happy life.

Why did I come up with the project in the first place?

My boyfriend and I did an experiment last year, answering the question of where we want to live. And one thing is clear: close to the mountains. Since my boyfriend is Swiss, Switzerland is our country of choice.

So after quitting my last job, in which I was not happy, I decided to use the time, until I found a job in Switzerland, to work on a project that…

  1. … serves as an outlet for creating something meaningful.
  2. … puts my product management skills to the test and helps me to learn more about building products, especially from 0-1 (till product market fit & profitability), since that is the field I am most interested in.
  3. … helps me to demonstrate my abilities to potential future employers.
  4. … allows me to share my experiences and learnings with others, to make it easier for others to build products.

So how did I start? What did the product look like?

I have documented my journey in detail in my Newsletter LINK DIARY OF AN INDIEHACKER. Here is a quick overview of the methodologies and technologies I used.

Approach - the methodologies and strategies I employed developing Tibah as a web app.

  • Ideation
  • Value Proposition Canvas & Value Proposition Narrative
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Jobs to be done
  • MVP Scoping
  • Wireframing
  • Eisenhower Matrix
  • Customer Journey Mapping

Tools and Technologies - the technology Tibah was build on

  • Since I do not know how to code, but wanted to learn how to “think like a developer” I used a no code tool: Bubble.io.
  • For my brainstorming and conception sessions, I use Miro.
  • For documentation and task management, I use Notion.

The toughest part for me, building Tibah, was constantly switching between roles: You have to be the developer, the marketer, the product manager, the CEO, the customer support … Also, I found that operational execution lets you dive way deeper into the field compared to understanding it enough to do a good job in product manamgent (stakeholder management and cross-functional alignment).

Tibahs Key Features

  • Customizable Sections - Put Insights into Action Choose the sections that serve YOU, so you reflect on what matters to YOU.
  • Meaningful reminders - Never lose Sight of your Goals, Habits or projects Tibah constantly reminds you of your goals, habits and most important things for that week, every day. So you never forget about what you want to achieve and take meaningful action.
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reflections - Reflect, Recognize, Realign Tibah is build on my personal life design system. I improved it over the past years. The reflection periods each serve a different purpose, making sure you never forget about balancing the different areas of your life, and you catch yourself quickly if something is is going the wrong way.
  • Auto-Save for Peace of Mind
  • Access Journal from everywhere - Quickly revisit past moments with ease
  • Minimal Design - Only You & Your Thoughts I chose the design, so it facilitates thinking. There will never be any kind of advertisement or cluttering, because Tibah is all about one connecting with oneself.
  • AES 256 - Top-notch encryption

Results and Impact

Tibah is my first DIY product. I managed to beta launch the MVP after one month and get in the first feedback. I publicly launched on Product Hunt after two months. Launching on product hunt was my desirability test (for a free product). Tibah passed, being

  • Product #5 of the day
  • 100 sign-ups (50% conversion from people who upvoted/liked the product)

With this launch, I also gained valuable feedback for the product.

Right now, I am working on

  1. Improving Tibah further (especially basic measures to improve retention, like notifications and onboarding)
  2. Testing traction channels to see how I can improve Tibah

The next critical point in Tibahs Journey will be to validate desirability for a paid product. I am planning to implement a trial by march.