🗣️ Public Presentations

My team and I utilize content marketing to inspire and connect with fellow product managers in the industry. Engaging in conversations with product professionals from various companies allows us to gain valuable insights into the current landscape of product management. In fact, this year alone, we have had the opportunity to speak with over 50 new individuals.One of the highlights this year was hosting two product lunches, conducted entirely in German.

Customer Journey Mapping

During the first lunch, our focus was on effectively setting outcome goals to enhance the customer journey.

We covered topics such as

  • output versus outcome-based work,
  • the benefits of outcome-based product work,
  • the methodology behind Customer Journey Mapping,
  • leveraging customer journey maps to define outcomes,
  • and elevating stakeholder management through these maps.

To learn more about this discussion, please check out this YouTube Video.

Agile vs Product

In the second lunch, we delved into the comparison between Agile and Product approaches. We explored the organizational and agile requirements necessary for exceptional product work, as well as the extent of autonomy each of us has within these frameworks.

You can find the recording here: